Home Away From Home

I long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself.  ~ Maya Angelou


Last weekend when I was driving toward my vacation condo, I had a flash of insight about the concept of home.home

The first flash was a reflection of all the places I have called home: a luxury apartment, a run down farm house, a townhouse, a spacious 3 bedroom bungalow, a room in a guest house, a trailer, to name a few.

Following came the realization that I felt completely at home and at peace in each of these places. I would enter, have a look around and make it home. Then when it was time to move on I did so without pulling on the strings of attachment. These places where mine to use for a while before something else came along.

In this moment, I truly understood the saying that home is where the heart is. Because I was at peace and comfortable with myself, the building I was living in didn’t matter. I would bring my peace and contentment into each structure. I didn’t let my thinking get tied up in judgements.

As look around I see many people attached to the building they call home. But a home is never the building, it is the energy that comes from those who reside there.

Too often there is a mistaken belief that a house or a building is a home. This house comes with all sorts of attachments and strings that tug and pull until it possess the owner. The owner ties their identity with the building.

There is nothing wrong with having a lovely dwelling. It is our thinking about the dwelling that is the problem. The building is only a form that our thinking transforms into something greater or lesser. Without this thinking any dwelling becomes a home and one is free to stay and enjoy then let go when it’s time to move on.

There is so much freedom when we can put judgements aside and enjoy what is before us.

How do your thoughts affect your perception of home?

Doing what you love or Loving what you are doing!

“Whenever you deeply accept this moment as it is — no matter what form it takes — you are still, you are at peace.”
~ Eckhart Tolle


Do what you love!

You have heard the phrase, but can’t seem to figure out what it is you love!

Am I right?

I too heard and read about doing what you love for sometime. I even bought into it for a while. The problem was that I couldn’t find what I loved or my love affair with certain activities was short-lived.

Doubts began to arise! Something wasn’t quite right, I couldn’t put my finger on it so I let it go. Then as it often happens, I had an insight early one morning as I was posting on Facebook.

What came to my awareness was that the fundamental problem with ‘doing what you love’ is that it comes loaded with judgements, specialness and separation.

Let’s have a look at each of these.

As you mull over the question, “What do I love doing?” you are casting judgement on each thing that comes to mind.

As in:

  • I love the outdoors
  • I don’t love painting.
  • I love working with people.
  • I don’t love speaking to large groups of people.


What you are doing here is judging some activities as desirable and others as undesirable. Some are good and some aren’t. Nothing wrong with this, except that often you take it further into the realm of specialness.

For example:

  • I love helping people it makes me feel good or it will look good on my resume.
  • I love working on the green team because I want to save the world.


Choices we make often come with the baggage of expectations. As soon as you are choosing one thing over another your thoughts are making an assessment of the merits or problems of one over the other.

The result of these judgments and expectations is separation. The moment you select one actively over another, for whatever reason, you enter the field of separation. You are limiting yourself and your choices. In addition, you are separating yourself from the connection of Oneness.

In your search for ‘that which you love’ you step away from Oneness and into separation.

In Oneness there is no need to choose, you ‘love what you are doing’. 

By moving your awareness from ‘DOING what you love’ TO ‘LOVE what you are doing’ you move into Oneness.

Loving what you do frees you from choosing and seeking. It places you in connection with EVERYTHING. Nothing is singled out as being special or different from anything else. This is the essence of Divine Grace!

In ‘loving what you are doing’ there is no conflict; you love doing everything.

Strange as it may seem it is liberating and leads to less stress, more joy and contentment. When the seeking stops you are back in connection with your innate state of being ~ loving everything.

What you love has always been inside of you. That love begins with yourself and naturally flows out of you.

When I discover this innate truth and shifted my perspective to loving whatever I was doing life it changed my life in the most amazing ways. I find enjoyment in everything I do, I have little stress, I laugh more, I am happy and content.

I still have preferences which reflect my humanness, but that doesn’t deter me from doing the task with a large dose of gratitude and love.

Are you ready to stop searching and begin loving what you are doing? All it takes is a shift in perception and some practice.

Love is your natural state of being. It is within you and is only waiting for you to notice and let it out.

Go ahead and give it try.