Step back, wait and see!

photo-1441448770220-76743f9e6af6This past week I had the joy of watching the natural flow of events transform someone. It began with a client sharing her ability to step back and not get wrapped up in the stress associated with making the decision to move and trying to control the outcome.

It revolved around her desire to move closer to work which lead to her house hunting. She found one and really wanted it, but she was one of 6 interested in renting. After talking with the owner, she was asked to wait without any assurances. Instead of her usual mental mind games and need to push things forward, my client stepped back and allowed the process to unfold. The waiting became stressless when she let go of the outcome and any thinking around the house. She marvelled at how easy it was to accept that it would be what it would be. Several days later the house was hers.

When we spoke over coffee later she was in awe. Her previous pattern of worry and trying to manipulate the situation didn’t even arise. She had discovered a whole new way of being that was less stressful and more open. This experience took her from an understanding of the Principles to a knowing.

For many us, when we find ourselves in similar situations we immediately get into the indecisive question mode that runs something like this: “What if I don’t get this house? What will I do? Will I be able to find another one like this? How can I get the owner to decide in my favour? Would it help or hinder the decision if I call, just to check?”

Most of us have been taught to believe that in order to get what we want we to have be in control, take action and get things moving. However, if we are up against something that isn’t ready to happen no amount of pushing, guiding or manipulating is going to make it happen. When our efforts are met with resistance it is best to step back, wait and see.

I don’t see this as giving in, rather taking a breather. When we step back from the situation and calm our mind we often see a different way to progress or a whole new way of approaching the situation that is better than the one we initially envisioned. At other times, when we get ourselves out of the way and withdraw our expectations events unfold seamlessly without assistance. It’s as if, once the effort is removed the way is clear for things to happen.

I have seen this happen countless times in my life. Most recently with a decision to once again take groups to Peru. I have been deflecting this request for a couple of years, but recently decided I was ready to lead a journey to Peru with a 3 Principles group. In the past month, I have had moments when I was unsure and saw only difficulties. In those moment I would step back, wait and see. Inevitably, the answer would arrive in some form, someone would appear with help or a totally different door would opened.

Understanding the 3 Principles and how they form the foundation of life relieves us from the stress we create when we keep using strategies that no longer serve us. Seeing with a different perspective requires a clear and quiet mind to tap into Universal Mind, the source of our inner wisdom. This is what my client discovered last week.

If you want to learn more or are ready to go deeper contact me and we can discuss your needs.

If you are interested in the Peru trip, the details will be on my website at the end of this month.

In Joy,