Where did that come from?

pexels-photo-mediumEvery one of us have had moments when something happens and we ask, “Where did that come from?”

Perhaps it was an idea, an unusual solution to a problem, or a knowing something you hadn’t seen before.

Or maybe you have faced a difficult situation and had to act quickly but did so with clarity and precision. It could have been a dangerous situation where you noticed you were unnaturally clear and grounded?

In these situations you are anchored in the moment. Your thoughts aren’t racing back to the past or into the future, you’re fully focused on what is happening right now. What happens in these moments doesn’t arise from thinking or planning it comes from somewhere else, from your own inner wisdom, Divine Intelligence or the Field.

This happened to me when I was living in Lesotho when I was mugged by three young men in the middle of the day. What I recall most sharply from that incident was how calm I was, how aware I was of everything in the vicinity, and how I knew what to do. It happened in flash. Before I knew it, the lads were running down the street with their money and I was on my way home with my backpack containing a few things that I asked to keep. After all these years I still can’t believe I negotiate with these guys holding a knife to my neck. Where did that idea come from?

My example is one of the apparent danger although it didn’t feel dangerous. I am sure you have examples where you did something that later may seem foolish but in the moment it was the right thing to do. It is only later that you berated yourself for taking these risks and yet it all turned out just fine.

During these times you are not clouded by overthinking, over analyzing and judgment. You do what you sense is right at that time and in that place.

This doesn’t only happen in difficult or dangerous situations, it happens every day. If you stop and think about it, you could probably make a list of all the things you do in a day effortlessly and intelligently without having to think about them. When you don’t fuss and worry about everything, they show up as something to do and before you know it they are done.

But exact opposite happens when you get caught up in thinking, worrying, and trying to figure things out. When in this state of mind accomplishing any task takes a lot more effort and stress.

Have you noticed this? That it takes a lot longer to do something when you are stressed and over thinking about something.

What do you think life would be like if you could get grounded, stay calm and accomplish everything you wanted to easily and effortlessly?

Understanding how thinking works and that you have a built-in system for success can easy your stress and increase your productivity.

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