How I brought the world to me!

world coming to meHave you ever looked back on your life and marvelled at the synchronicity that took place prior to certain events or achieving something you really wanted?

This is exactly what happened to me in the 90s after I had read the book Celestine Prophecy. After I finish the book I realized that so much of my life up to that point has been led by synchronicity. It was as if I was being led to a certain destiny.

When I looked back on the events in my life I saw clearly how the little decisions and actions I took came together like building blocks to guide me in a certain direction. It was almost like there were invisible roadsigns along the way to keep me on track. I can recall my sense of wonder at how it all fit together so perfectly.

Even though I saw the magic of it, and became more aware of synchronicity in my life, I never really gave it any deeper thought. I was still trying to control some of the events and direction of my life. I hadn’t completely taken my hands off the steering wheel.

Over the years I have been taking my hands off the steering wheel more and more. At times I’m very successful and other times not.

This became very clear to me while I was working on a project with my mentor. In our discussion of having a clear vision and keeping it in the forefront as a guide to where we are going but without having to know how we were going to get there, I was taken back to that moment in the 90’s. I saw how my clear vision of living overseas opened up the way for Divine Intelligence to place opportunities, people, and circumstances directly in front of me. I also saw how I acted upon these intuitions or chance conversations.

What I was seeing now with absolute clarity is that something much greater than my thinking self was orchestrating the events of my life. As I looked back I realized that many of these synchronistic events were beyond my awareness at that particular time. Opportunities would shown up or seemingly casual conversation would take place that I couldn’t have conjured up if I tried. From these situations I took action on what was presented or mentioned and doors opened for me.

One example that comes to mind is when I mentioned to someone in one in class that I wanted to work overseas but I didn’t know how to go about it. He casually mentioned, “ Why don’t you check out CUSO?”. The next day I went to university found the CUSO office and made an appointment for an interview. A few months later I found myself sitting in Nigeria.

I didn’t even know where Nigeria was before then.

What was becoming very clear with this insight is that these were not some chance happenings. These events and meetings were orchestrated by a much greater force than I could have imagined. What came to me was that synchronicity was really Divine Intelligence unfolding the infinite field of possibilities to match the dream that I had. With hindsight, I know all I did was follow the path that this great power laid out for me.

I held a dream without any idea of how it was going to unfold, was attune to the invisible signposts along the way, and as a result I brought the world to me.

This was a very humbling moment in which I saw when I let go of the how and trust in this greater power anything is possible.

Every single person on this planet has this connection to the infinite field possibilities through the Divine Intelligence within.

If I can find it, so can you.