Your Dreams are Calling!

Along life's journey you have dreams. A few of them have been fulfilled, others are forgotten,   and some remain. The lingering dreams often come with a sense of longing for something yet unfulfilled. These dreams often get buried under the practical side of life which says, “you must do this or you must do that,” but still the dream persists. It keeps coming back. Each time the dream surfaces it brings with it a different kind of energy: a glimpse of joy, confidence, freedom, and expansion. There is a promise within the dream that says you can leave the old life behind and begin a new one. But then, fears rise up and you turn away refusing to see the possibilities, dismissing them as dreaming or wishful thinking. You return to the well-worn path that feels comfortable and secure resigned to make the most of it. No matter how strong the wall of fear, when you least expected it the dream pops in again. This a dream won't go away. It keeps tugging at your … [Read more...]