Nature A Wonderful Teacher.

Enjoy the seasonsSince I came back to Canada in 2009, I have enjoyed the unfolding of each season. Each season comes with its own beauty, feel, and energetic signature. I can’t really say that I have a favorite season for each season brings something new and different to behold.

Fall, with its magnificent display of color, is so beautiful it takes my breath away. The cool air on my cheeks as I walk in the river valley reminds me of how vibrantly alive I am.  As I wander about the farmers market, the sight and smell of the vast array of produce from this year’s harvest fills me with gratitude. Standing in the park watching the leaves gracefully float down to the earth reminds me letting go doesn’t need to be a struggle.

Nature is a wonderful teacher. We are a small universe in a Big Universe, the big Universe has provided Nature as a model for us to see and mirror. 

We see this mirrored in the plants as they surrender their harvest to us in the form of fruit, vegetables, grains, and nuts. We too should take stock of what we are harvesting this year. What did you plant, nurture and reap in your life? Take some time to look at the areas of your life and take stock of your harvest. Personally, I view fall, rather than the new year, as a time of inner reflection to view my harvest, to declutter, let go, and to set new intentions. 

The kaleidoscope of color displayed by the trees are their way of celebrating, reminding us to be proud of our achievements and to celebrate them. What will you do to celebrate your harvest?  I will plan an evening out with friends sharing love, joy and laughter. 

As you witness the leaves gently floating down from the trees notice how easily and effortlessly the trees let go of that which they no longer need. We can learn from this and let go of all the things that no longer serve us. 

Decluttering is a form of letting go which can be very healing and nurturing. 

Declutter our physical surroundings – cleaning out our gardens, raking the leaves, cleaning and putting away our summer items creates space in our environment. This is my time to go through my wardrobe letting go of clothes and other items no longer used so that they may find a new home and create some space in my environment. 

We can also declutter our emotions – What emotions are you holding onto that constrict and bringing you down? Perhaps it is time to let them go by focusing on what makes you feel expanded, happy, peaceful and content.  Emotions are our barometers, they tell us when we are out of balance. When I notice this imbalance, I give thanks to the emotion for bringing my attention to the imbalance. Then take steps to restore my balance with qigong, breathing, going for a walk, or meditating. 

Decluttering our minds can be achieved with deep Qi breathing. Whenever your minds get too cluttered with the jumble of thoughts flowing through, stop and focus on your breath for a minute or two and this will immediately disrupt your thoughts. The more you do this, the more you free your mind of mental clutter.

Fall is a time to begin slowing down and going inward. It’s a great time to go for a walk in nature. This helps to declutter the busyness in your life and reconnect you to your inner essence. Walking slowly and mindfully paying attention to your surroundings, your body, your breath, will help to restore balance and reconnect you to your soul. We all need time to slow right down and be fully present. 

Are you mirroring fall’s energy?  What can you do this fall to get in the flow of the season? 

Love to hear what works for you. 

With joy and gratitude,