“Everyone is a healer”

That means you and me!  

Most of us have forgotten this but, it is available to us by practicing the simple,  efficient and effective movements of Spring Forest Qigong. Through movement, breathing and focused attention Qigong helps us balance and refresh the energy in our body so that natural healing can take place physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  After practicing Qigong for a short time, I noticed I had more energy, slept deeper, was calmer, my aches disappeared, my mind was clearer and my relationships became smoother.

Who am I?

I am an ordinary human being having an earthly experience. I have had my share of up and downs, good and bad, happy and sad, ecstatic and tragic! In other words, I am human.

I have been told that I have lived a charmed life, a full life and an adventurous life. Others have told me that I am brave, adventurous or stupid for some of the things I have done. For me, these experiences were testing grounds for living my truth.

I too have a story and the short version goes something like this:

Following what was expected of me, sort of:

I grew up in a large family and was at the bottom of the litter. I was surrounded by people who all believed they knew what was best for me. But I wasn’t destined to follow the path of my clan or even society. I was born to create my own trail.

Yes, I went to university and came away with a B.Ed and an MA. I had a short marriage and a long successful career as an educator. Most of this narrative took place in various locations around the world, not the safest or most glamorous countries, but they gave me a vast array of unique experiences. Then I gave up my career and led tours for a few years. Each of these experiences had their pluses and minuses, and each helped me to grow and expand.

Shifting consciousness or the woo woo stuff:

The experiences that changed me the most were the ones that shifted my consciousness. 

The first happened when I was 17. On a beautiful summer day, I heard a voice loud and clear saying that I was going to live and work overseas someday. No, I wasn’t on any mind-altering substances, and yes, I was alone. Strange as it may sound I knew it was true and everything I did for the next 10 years led to exactly that. I worked and live abroad for over 25 years.

The second epiphany came in the 1990’s while reading Redfield’s Celestine Prophecy. It was my first encounter with the concept of synchronicity. After finishing the book, I saw that my whole life up to that point had been lead synchronistically. I was left with no doubt that a Greater Source than myself was guiding me forward.

The third life-changing awareness came after spending six months being very ill and going from doctor to doctor only to be told over and over again that there was nothing wrong with me. Driving home one day after yet another series of tests I thought, “Maybe I am making myself sick.” Within a month every symptom had disappeared.

The fourth is tied to the third but with much greater awareness. The awareness that I was making myself sick was huge. It changed the way I view illness in myself and how I now check with my body to see what needs. Knowing that thoughts had created illness encouraged me to look at my other thoughts, a process that led to a total life changing awareness of the power and destruction of my thinking. An understanding so strong that it jolted me awake one night with an awareness of intense clarity that everything was based on thoughts.

With this new awareness, I began to seek more information which led me to quantum physics, neuroscience, A Course in Miracles, ancient teachings, shamanism, Reconnection healing,  3 Principles and Spring Forest Qigong.

Qigong called me. 

An inner voice whispered, “Qigong”.

When I first heard that word I wondered, “What the heck was Qigong?” Then I did what everyone does, I googled it. It looked a lot like Tai Chi and other Chinese practices and my thinking was, “This is not for me.”  But the whisper wouldn’t go away. I knew I had to listen and see where it lead.

In qigong, I discovered a practice that was simple, efficient and effective. Master Lin has taken away the mystery, rigid discipline, and difficulty of many other forms of qigong.  With qigong, my heart began to sing and I felt a harmony that had been missing in life. 

I also deeply resonated with Master Lin’s vision:

“Healer in every family and world without pain and suffering”.

As I go deeper and deeper into my practice of qigong I am more open to love, compassion and joy, my body and my mind are healed, I am energized, my passion for life and helping others fill me with joy. I am still a work in progress but I smile and laugh more. I don’t take myself so seriously.

Qigong has also helped me to realize the healer within and feel empowered to share this knowledge with others for everyone is a healer.


I am a Certified SFQ Practice Group Leader. I have attained Spring Forest Qigong Level 3 training which allows me to do physical and distance healing. I am presently building my portfolio to become a Master Healer. My intention is to one day achieve Level 5, the highest training available.

My training in qigong has helped me to better understand how the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of life work together to create balance and harmony to help us heal from the inside out.

Everyone has access to this balance, harmony and joy.

Everyone is a healer!

I am only the guide.

Let me help you Recharge, Refresh and Reset your life.

With Qi~Joy and love,


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