“You’re the most fun of all adults.”

When’s the last time you heard this?

It came recently from my 14-year-old great-nephew after I dove head first between the ottoman and the sofa to tickle his little brother. Not bad for someone 50+!

The wonder of his realization was so profound that he had trouble expressing himself, but I knew what he was saying. Joy, fun and spontaneity seem to be a part of me.

Do you have joy and fun in your life, or are you wondering, “Where is the joy in life?”

If you want an answer to this question, you are in the right place.

My passion is living joyfully and having others do the same!

Joy is your innate state of being! You don’t have to go anywhere to find it. It is in you right here, right now! You just have to know how to look.

Once you see it and reclaim it, you will add the benefit of having more clarity, creativity, and peace plus you will be more productive. All of these attributes come from the same place; it is a package deal.

Life is meant to be fun and fulfilling!

Why opt for the same old, same old?

What this is not!

• positive thinking
• a technique you have to learn
• affirmations, rituals, journaling or practices
• another self-help program

What it is!

• a revolutionary way of using your life experiences to return to your innate joy, the joy you were born with!
• a simple process by which you rediscover the innate human condition that is in all of us.
• 3 principles that have been proven to change all areas of life.

If you are ready to find out where joy lies and understand how to get there then you are in the right place!

Who am I?

I am an ordinary human being having an earthly experience. I have had my share of up and downs, good and bad, happy and sad, ecstatic and tragic! In other words I am human.

I have been told that I have lived a charmed life, a full life and an adventurous life. Others have told me that I am brave, adventurous or stupid for some of the things I have done. For me these experiences were testing grounds for living my truth.

I too have a story and the short version goes something like this:

Following what was expected of me, sort of:

I grew up in a large family and was at the bottom of the litter. I was surrounded by people who all believed they knew what was best for me. But I wasn’t destined to follow the path of my clan or even society. I was born to create my own trail.

Yes, I went to university and came away with a B.Ed and an MA. I had a short marriage and a long successful career as an educator. Most of this narrative took place in various locations around the world, not the safest or most glamorous countries, but they gave me a vast array of unique experiences. Then I gave up my career and led tours for a few years. Each of these experiences had their pluses and minuses, and each helped me to grow and expand.

Shifting consciousness or the woo woo stuff:

The experiences that changed me the most were the ones that shifted my consciousness. So far I have had four of these. I am sure there will be more.

The first happened when I was 17. On a beautiful summer day I heard a voice loud and clear saying that I was going to live and work overseas someday. No, I wasn’t on any mind-altering substances, and yes, I was alone. Strange as it may sound I knew it was true and everything I did for the next 10 years led to exactly that. I worked and live abroad for over 25 years.

The second epiphany came in the 1990’s while reading Redfield’s Celestine Prophecy. It was my first encounter with the concept of synchronicity. After finishing the book, I saw that my whole life up to that point had been lead synchronistically. I was left with no doubt that a Greater Source than myself was guiding me forward.

The third life changing awareness came after spending six months being very ill and going from doctor to doctor only to be told over and over again that there was nothing wrong with me. Driving home one day after yet another series of tests I thought, “Maybe I am making myself sick.” Within a month every symptom had disappeared.

The fourth is tied to the third but with much greater awareness. The awareness that I was making myself sick was huge. It changed the way I view illness in myself and how I check to see what needs to be done, if anything. Knowing that thoughts had created illness encouraged me to look at my other thoughts, a process that led to a total life changing awareness of the power and destruction of my thinking. An understanding so strong that it jolted me awake one night with an awareness of intense clarity that everything was based on thoughts.

With this new awareness I began to seek more information which led me to quantum physics, neuroscience, a Course in Miracles, ancient teachings and ultimately the 3 Principles. On this journey I found the means to explain many of my own experiences and to deepen and expand my own awareness.

I am on a life-long path of growth within this awareness.

I welcome the opportunity to share with you the joy and ease that naturally arises from an exploration of the human experience found within the 3 Principles.


Coaching From the Inside-Out with Supercoach Michael Neill.

Courses: Living From the Inside-Out, Living From Mind, and Creating The Impossible with Supercoach Michael Neill.

June 2015 attended 3 Principles School on Salt Spring Island. 

What next?

If you would like to learn more, start with Finding Innate Joy or No More Chasing Butterflies where I explain the basics of the 3 Principles. In addition to the e-book you will receive bi-weekly emails where I share my experiences and related material based on the 3 P’s.

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