Spring Forest Qigong Energy Balancing Session

How does Spring Forest Qigong (SFQ) Healing work?

Everything is energy and you are an energy being. Every cell in your body is a form of energy. Your thoughts are also a form of energy. Sickness, whether it manifests physically, mentally, or emotionally, is also a form of energy.

Energy can't be created nor destroyed, but it can be transformed. In fact, energy is constantly in the process of transforming. The only question with your body's energy is whether it is transforming for better or for worse. Spring Forest Qigong practice can help you transform your body's energy for the better and even undo the worse.

You can think of your body's energy system like water flowing in a river. When the water is flowing smoothly in the river, everything is fine, everything is in balance. When something happens causing a blockage in the river, that's when problems start.

Disease or dis-ease is caused by energy blockages in the body. Usually this means too much or too little energy in one place. Either way, your energy is out of balance, creating an energy blockage. Energy blockages are caused by many things but most commonly by emotions or by stress. Energy blockages cause your body's natural healing system to breakdown and malfunction.

There is no such thing as "good" energy or "bad" energy. Energy is energy. Problems result only because there is too much or too little energy in one place.Remove the blockage or blockages and restore energy balance, and the disease, sickness, or other problem goes away--not just the symptoms, but the root cause of the problem is removed. That is part of what is so beautiful and powerful about Spring Forest Qigong, It gets at the root cause of the problem, not just the symptoms.

Spring Forest Qigong practice can help you remove the energy blockages in your body, restore your natural balance, and keep your energy flowing smoothly, enabling you to live the healthiest, happiest, most productive and rewarding life possible.

What can you expect in SFQ Energy Balancing session?   IMG_0738

When you meet with the practitioner, you can relay an area of focus on your body that you feel needs attention (i.e.- physical ache/pain). If you do not have a specific area, just be open to the experience.

You will be seated comfortably and rest your hands on your lap. You will be asked to take 3 deep breaths and go to your “happy place”- a place or memory that brings you positive feelings of joy and happiness.

During your session a SFQ practitioner moves his or her hand several inches from your body to detect and help remove energy blockages. This is no-physical touch session. This session can also happen at a distance, even across the continent!

You may experience different sensations during the session such as tingling or itching in your body, heat/cold, or see colors or visions. Or you may experience no sensations at all. The energy moves to where it needs to to help with the healing process. Some people may experience some decrease in symptoms immediately after the session or note feelings of relaxation, and for others, it may happen later on as the energy continues to move and balance even after the session is complete.

When the session is completed, you will be asked to take 3 deep breaths again and rub your hands together and massage your face and ears to help you come out of the meditation and ground your energy.

The focus of Spring Forest Qigong is on healing your physical, emotional and spiritual realms. YOU are the number one healer for yourself. A Healer does not heal, but acts as a conduit to assist you in your healing journey! 

Spring Forest Qigong Energy Balancing Sessions with Carolynne

Single Energy Healing Session 1/2 hour ………………………….. $30.00

Single Energy Healing Session 1 hour …………………………….. $60.00

All sessions over a 4 week period will require a commitment to some homework between sessions. 

4 (1/2 hour) sessions over 4 weeks ………………………………………… $ 105.00

4 (one hour) sessions over 4 weeks ………………………………….. $210.00

CScreen Shot 2017-02-27 at 3.44.31 PMarolynne Melnyk is a Certified Spring Forest Qigong Practice Group Leader and SFQ Level 2 Healer.

To make an appointment or get more information email Carolynne at camelnyk@livinglifeinjoy.com


Carolynne Melnyk is amazing and wonderful teacher. I just finished 4 weeks with her and she knows her stuff. I highly recommend her.  She also has a beautiful heart and soul. I had some awesome results! The homework was great. Very easy and quick to do, which made it easy to maintain. I highly recommend her healing sessions.
Carmen Braga
Owner of Healing Hearts Centre


Just finished a series of sessions with Carolynne Melnyk 
and feeling much more "energized and clear"
Thank you Carolynne for your gentleness, intuitiveness and for helping shift some stagnant energy. My body thanks you too.

Hazel Butterworth

You're amazing Carolynne Melnyk!! I will highly recommend your healing sessions for fatigue. 

Gail Kopan


**Disclaimer: This information is for educational purposes only. It is intended to supplement your current health program, not to replace the care of a licensed medical doctor.**