Balancing Healing Sessions


A joyful, peaceful and fulfilling life is your birthright and you can reclaim it now!

Life is not meant to be a struggle filled with stress and worry. 

You have the power to step away from a life that keeps you stuck however, only you can do it!

You have the choice of discovering a new way of being that is more joyful, peaceful and fulfilling or staying where you are.


If you are ready for change I have these to offer you:

 3 Simple, easy and effective packages to help you feel better, have more energy, think more clearly and revitalize your life.



This package helps you to remove blockages and restore the natural flow of energy so that you return to a state of well-being.

In this session, I scan the body, break up blockages and send healing energy. I use both Spring Forest Qigong techniques as well as intuitive healing energy.

When you are balanced, you will have more energy, feel uplifted and have optimum health.

Individual sessions: $80

3 sessions over 3 weeks: $225


This package will include everything in the Recharge package as well as transformational mentoring.

In transformational mentoring, I will introduce you to a simple but powerful way of getting unstuck, dealing with monkey mind, and getting in touch with your inner guidance.

You have all the tools you need, I only help you to rediscover them.

5 sessions over 5 weeks: $350


This package has it all!

  • energy balancing,

  • transformational mentoring

  • meditation (think out of the box)guidance for Healthy Living with the Seasons.

  • guidance for healthy living with each season

This is where you fully reclaim your power by balancing your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self. When these are balanced life is easier, less stressful and filled with vitality and joy.

8 sessions over 8 weeks: $525


“Carolynne Melnyk is a gifted teacher and compassionate mentor. She has a strong connection to the Divine and a deep level of consciousness. Her soul has been around for many lifetimes and she has this ability to tap into the lessons she has learned from them. She shares her innate wisdom in her writings and her teachings in a way that’s refreshing and easy to understand. Many of the things I’ve learned from her has helped me delve deeper into my spiritual practice. I’m so happy to have her as a continual guiding force and source of encouragement in my life!” -

Song A.

 "Carolynne Melnyk is amazing and wonderful teacher. I just finished 4 weeks with her and she knows her stuff, I highly recommend her...and she has a beautiful heart and soul. I had some awesome results! The homework was great. Very easy and quick to do, which made it easy to maintain. I highly recommend her healing sessions."

Carmen Braga

 "Just finished a series of sessions with Carolynne Melnyk. 
Feeling much more "energized and clear."    Thank you Carolynne for your gentleness and intuitiveness and for helping shift some stagnant energy. My body thanks you too!"

Hazel Butterworth

“In the nine years I have known Carolynne, she has been an inspiring and dedicated presence in my life, giving me encouragement and guidance during difficult times as well as celebrating with sincere happiness the joyful moments as well. Her life experiences and continued insight into spiritual and personal matters have helped guide me in moments of confusion and remind me of my own innate wisdom when I had forgotten or doubted it. Carolynne’s unwavering acceptance of the human experience has taught me to embrace life and change with humility and celebration. Thank-you, Carolynne, for all you have taught and shared with me.”



**Disclaimer: This information is for educational purposes only. It is intended to supplement your current health program, not to replace the care of a licensed medical doctor.**