Spring Equinox

aaron-burden-205132-unsplashCan you feel it? Can you feel your body, mind and spirit slowly reaching towards the light of the sun?

You are not alone. All of us in the northern hemisphere can feel that bubbling up of energy, an extra spring in our step, and perhaps the gentle sprouting of a new idea or creative endeavour.

This is not surprising as the small universe that comprises our body, is in perfect harmony with the greater universe around us. As we nudge towards the spring equinox on March 20, we are moving to a short time when yin and the yang energies are in almost perfect balance. It is a time when the light and dark energies are almost equal then Yang energy begins to rise.

This time of balance and harmony in the universe is an ideal time to look at the balance in our own lives. Do we have a healthy work play balance? Do we factory in quality time for family and friends? Have we made time in our busy lives for reflection, exercise, communing with nature, and self-care.

This coming week schedule some time to look at the balance in your life and where you could make some adjustments so that your life has more balance and harmony.

When we are in balance our minds are clearer, we more relaxed, we handle situations with ease, and we are more in alignment with the universe.

The Equinoxes and Solstices are reminders for us to check our personal inner and outer balance. How is yours?

With love and joy