Home Away From Home

I long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself.  ~ Maya Angelou


Last weekend when I was driving toward my vacation condo, I had a flash of insight about the concept of home.home

The first flash was a reflection of all the places I have called home: a luxury apartment, a run down farm house, a townhouse, a spacious 3 bedroom bungalow, a room in a guest house, a trailer, to name a few.

Following came the realization that I felt completely at home and at peace in each of these places. I would enter, have a look around and make it home. Then when it was time to move on I did so without pulling on the strings of attachment. These places where mine to use for a while before something else came along.

In this moment, I truly understood the saying that home is where the heart is. Because I was at peace and comfortable with myself, the building I was living in didn’t matter. I would bring my peace and contentment into each structure. I didn’t let my thinking get tied up in judgements.

As look around I see many people attached to the building they call home. But a home is never the building, it is the energy that comes from those who reside there.

Too often there is a mistaken belief that a house or a building is a home. This house comes with all sorts of attachments and strings that tug and pull until it possess the owner. The owner ties their identity with the building.

There is nothing wrong with having a lovely dwelling. It is our thinking about the dwelling that is the problem. The building is only a form that our thinking transforms into something greater or lesser. Without this thinking any dwelling becomes a home and one is free to stay and enjoy then let go when it’s time to move on.

There is so much freedom when we can put judgements aside and enjoy what is before us.

How do your thoughts affect your perception of home?