Striving to become …


“Seek not greater wealth, but simpler pleasure; not higher fortune, but deeper felicity.”
― Mahatma Gandhi


We are living in a time that would have us believe we have to strive for more, accumulate things, reach for enlightenment, find our life purpose and make a difference in the world.

I have to admit there was a time I when was caught up in all of this and that I failed. I failed because I was striving for something that can’t be caught.

I spent years on the treadmill in an attempt to prove I was good enough. But good enough for whom? I am not sure, for I don’t really think anyone noticed. Yes, I did get the praise and the pat on the back for a job well done but, if I were to go back to all those whom I was trying to impress I wonder if they would even recall those situations.

What I discover along the way is that life is ever changing. It’s a roller coaster ride that changes so quickly it’s impossible to give it meaning. For as soon as we assign meaning to it ‘poof’ it changes again. Life is a perpetual series of endings and beginnings. 

We also change. The ‘you’ who is reading this is now is not the same as the ‘you’ who went to sleep last night. And, you are most definitely not the same person you were in your teens. Think about it, the only things connecting them are experiences. This is our purpose, to live life fully and to enjoy it. 

Maybe we don’t have one life purpose, but several over our life time.

Could it be that enjoying our life exactly as it is at this moment is our life purpose? Instead of wanting and wishing for something bigger and better we realize that at this moment we really do have everything we need. Or marvel at the vastness and miracle of life – that fact of our being.

Instead of striving for enlightenment, which is something we already have, perhaps we should set our sights on being more human. See each other through the eyes of Namaste, which in Sanskrit means ‘I bow to the Divine in you’. Going beyond the story of who we thing someone is, to seeing the Divine in them. To share love, compassion and understanding without trying to change them.

Rather than pursuing wealth and praise, we gave of our talents and gifts willingly without expectations. When we take pride and joy in what you are giving the rewards, even monetary ones, come easily and in abundance. 

I spent many years trying to find my life’s purpose only to discover it was exactly what I was doing at any given moment. If I was being true to myself, listening to my inner wisdom and allowing my higher self to guide me, I was following my life’s purpose.

That could mean doing the dishes, walking along the beach, teaching adults or just sitting and looking out the window. 

We don’t have to go looking for it. It is right here right now! It is what you are experiencing now. It’s what you bring to this experience that counts.

Are you striving for false expectations and imaginary stories or are you in a place of acceptance with a sense of wonderment?