THOUGHT vs thinking

I have been playing this past week with the idea of THOUGHT vs thinking! My understanding of the Principle of Thought is that it’s a neutral, formless tool for us to use. Thoughts aren’t self-generated, meaning that we don’t create thoughts. They float through our mind much like clouds pass by in the sky. If you don’t agree with me then how do you explain that thought of your sister popping into your mind. You hadn’t thought about her for days, but all a sudden she was in your mind. Did you create it and then become surprised because all of a sudden you thought of her? Did it just appear? Or how about all those times when you found yourself thinking of something and wondering where they come from. Did you create those thoughts or did they just appear? Thoughts drift through our awareness all the time. Now you’re beginning to get the idea of what a THOUGHT is, so let’s look at how this neutral thought becomes ‘thinking’. Stop reading for a moment and pay attention to … [Read more...]

Serial Experience Junkie!

Yup, you can add it to my resume. I was a Serial Experience Junkie! For more years than I care to count, I bounced from new experience to new experience. In my case, you could also add job to job, country to country, relationship to relationship. I loved the challenge and adventure that came with new situations. In a way it was like a reality game. Move to a new country, master a new job, meet new people, figure out how things worked  then when it became routine, head off to a new adventure in a new place. For several years, my life span in any one location was 2 years. The first year everything was great - a challenge, but by year two I was looking for the next fix. To begin with, I loved all the new experiences and gained some amazing insights, but slowly I came to realize that if I wasn’t happy in this place what were the chances of me being happy in another place. Initially, I came up with great excuses: the school had problems, administrator was bad, country had … [Read more...]