Dressing up reality to match your perception!

Have you ever walked into situations with preconceived idea of what it should be like? Perhaps you went on that dream vacation only to discover it didn’t live up to your dream image. Maybe you’ve had a difficult time with a certain type of person. Then every time you came upon that type person, you instantly knew what you were going to face. Or you encountered a particularly trying time at work and now you are constantly on the look-out for it to rear up again. I too had a long list of like/don’t like, acceptable/unacceptable, not my type or here we go again. Until, I discovered that each one of these labels was restricting my experiences. I was letting past experiences, personal biases and outdated beliefs rule my thoughts, as a result they were blocking me from enjoying or gaining from each new situation. These preconceived thoughts kept me in a vicious emotional trap. It was very difficult to enjoy someone or something if you are always on the look-out for what could go … [Read more...]