Serial Experience Junkie!

Yup, you can add it to my resume. I was a Serial Experience Junkie! For more years than I care to count, I bounced from new experience to new experience. In my case, you could also add job to job, country to country, relationship to relationship. I loved the challenge and adventure that came with new situations. In a way it was like a reality game. Move to a new country, master a new job, meet new people, figure out how things worked  then when it became routine, head off to a new adventure in a new place. For several years, my life span in any one location was 2 years. The first year everything was great - a challenge, but by year two I was looking for the next fix. To begin with, I loved all the new experiences and gained some amazing insights, but slowly I came to realize that if I wasn’t happy in this place what were the chances of me being happy in another place. Initially, I came up with great excuses: the school had problems, administrator was bad, country had … [Read more...]