Your Dreams are Calling!

Along life's journey you have dreams. A few of them have been fulfilled, others are forgotten,   and some remain. The lingering dreams often come with a sense of longing for something yet unfulfilled. These dreams often get buried under the practical side of life which says, “you must do this or you must do that,” but still the dream persists. It keeps coming back. Each time the dream surfaces it brings with it a different kind of energy: a glimpse of joy, confidence, freedom, and expansion. There is a promise within the dream that says you can leave the old life behind and begin a new one. But then, fears rise up and you turn away refusing to see the possibilities, dismissing them as dreaming or wishful thinking. You return to the well-worn path that feels comfortable and secure resigned to make the most of it. No matter how strong the wall of fear, when you least expected it the dream pops in again. This a dream won't go away. It keeps tugging at your … [Read more...]

Simple Desires

You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.  So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.” Steve Jobs Follow your passion! How often have your heard, read or been advised to do this? But how does one find one’s passion? Maybe they are right in front of you, but you dismiss them as irrelevant, unattainable or a fantasy. What if your curiosity, interests or desires were clues pointing you toward your passion? After all, passion is a strong feeling or desire. What if you have a built-in guidance system that is gently moving you along despite any resistance you might be feeling? Perhaps your inner self knows where you need to be going and is guiding you. Every day you are given subtle signs that gently indicate the next step on the path. They come from your inner wisdom in the form of simple desires. Often these desires or interests are shrugged off as insignificant and only with hindsight does … [Read more...]

Serial Experience Junkie!

Yup, you can add it to my resume. I was a Serial Experience Junkie! For more years than I care to count, I bounced from new experience to new experience. In my case, you could also add job to job, country to country, relationship to relationship. I loved the challenge and adventure that came with new situations. In a way it was like a reality game. Move to a new country, master a new job, meet new people, figure out how things worked  then when it became routine, head off to a new adventure in a new place. For several years, my life span in any one location was 2 years. The first year everything was great - a challenge, but by year two I was looking for the next fix. To begin with, I loved all the new experiences and gained some amazing insights, but slowly I came to realize that if I wasn’t happy in this place what were the chances of me being happy in another place. Initially, I came up with great excuses: the school had problems, administrator was bad, country had … [Read more...]